Terms and Conditions

  1. It is the buyer’s resposibility to obtain import permits in his country, as well as the payment of import-export taxes.
  2. The piece’s shipping company will be asigned by antiquesbox; in case the buyer chooses to, he may have the piece picked up at our show room, assuming all the risk and responsability of the shipping an handling of the piece himself.
  3. We use our own criteria to describe the current state the piece is in, therefore there may be small variations regarding the dating, materials, weight, or meassurements, etc. We recommend the buyer to pay close attention to the photographs presented in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
  4. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for the packaging, shipping and handling and insurance costs.
  5. Antiques often show marks of the passing of time, scrapes, changes in the original color, missing details. The pieces you will find in Antiques box, though, are very well preserved.

Return and Refund Policy

  1. Antiques box does not accept returns, only if the piece would arrive completely broken. There will be no returns due to marks of the passing of time, since it is an antique. We reccomend to take a good look at the photographs presented, before ordering.

Privacy Policy

  1. Clients’ data protection: We comitt to protect the clients’ data, it will be saved and never shared, guaranteeing total privacy and confidence to our clients.
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